Conserve del borgo

Rather than a commercial venture, Conserve del Borgo is an investment on the future of the next generation and of our land. We are a group of friends who have decided to join forces in a business that addresses the values we believe in and in which we intend to raise our own children. Central to our project are quality, healthiness and authenticity of the ingredients that we use in all our products.

Respecting the environment and following the natural cycle of the seasons, rejecting the use of artificial additives and the determination to produce something which mirrors our believes, is what drive us in life as in business. We work in a brand new laboratory with machinery of the latest generation to create jams and preserves made with what nature makes available in each season. Apart from the sterilisation and pasteurisation processes which are carried out by electronically controlled machines, any other preparation is exclusively carried out by hand, following traditional guidelines to produce jams and preserves.

The fact that we are a co-operative company makes the values that inspire our project even more compelling. We believe in the importance of rediscovering the traditions and potentiality of our region, so to propel an economy that may make our country the top player in the field of high quality agricultural produce.

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