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We made it our mission to use only fresh ingredients to provide a line of products based on what is available throughout the seasons. There is no addition of any preservatives, or artificial flavours, neither emulsifier, stabiliser nor setting agents.


Our jam are made exclusively with fresh seasonal fruit, clean and hand-cut. Thanks to a special concentrator, we use at least 105 grams of fresh fruit to make 100 grams of finished product and, therefore, with a minimum sugar content, without the addition of pectin and preservatives, but only with hand squeezed lemon juice. The fruit is cooked at a temperature of 70°C and then the product is pasteurized so as to preserve the nutritional properties and the natural flavor of the fruit. Adding spices, nuts or other ingredients helps us to create unique and inimitable products

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Our pests and preserves and creams are made exclusively with fresh seasonal vegetables that are available on the market, according to criteria of choice that guarantee the highest quality and healthiness. The only oil we use is extra virgin olive oil that enriches our preparations without adding preservative additives. Our creations mix local ingredients and flavors with oriental spices, in the constant search for new frontiers of taste

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9 August 2017

Castelmenardo 2017

Also this year we will be present on the 28th and 29th October at the 9th edition of the event “VECCHI E NUOVI SAPORI DELL’ANTICO BORGO”. […]
9 August 2017

New Website

Finally, the new site is online, completely renewed, bilingual and tailored to your needs, suitable for refined palates with stylish photos, accurate descriptions, full links. With […]
5 August 2017

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Christmas is approaching and like every year we offer our gift packs … colorful, elegant but above all tasty. Reservations are open

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